Excel, conditional format 1 cell also format 4 cells to the left

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I have an excel spreadsheet where I'm comparing cost options. I have a column for unit price that I leave at zero. There is a column that is my list of options. e.g.
Tube Steel Weldment Frame, Purchased Frame, 1/2" Aluminum Top Plate, MDF Top Plate, etc. I have the unit price column conditional formatting set so if the value is greater than zero it highlights the cell and makes the text bold. I need the 4 cells on the row to the left of the cell the unit price is in to also highlight and turn bold. Example cell G9 is $100.00, it highlights bolds and the 4 cells to the left must bold just to draw attention to what the option description and quantities are. When I change G9 back to $0.00 I want all these cells to go back to no highlight and not be bold. Now I can enter a unit price for another option and compare the cost. I'm just doing simple screen shots of each option and dumping the screen shots into word for each option. Once I decided on the lowest cost option I will remove all the other options so my project costing only shows what we actually will build.

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