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Excel (Conditional Formatting)

By ebruno ·
I need 1 cell to populate from other cells based on criteria.

If cell G29 is above 10 to 19.99 then it equals A31
If cell G29 is above 20 to 29.99 then it equals A32
If cell G29 is above 30 to 30.99 then it equals A33
If cell G29 is above 40 to 40.99 then it equals A34
If cell G29 is above 50 to 50.99 then it equals A35
If cell G29 is above 60 and above then it equals A36

Kinda stuck here, any help is much appreciated

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Conditional Formatting

by hg1364338 In reply to Excel (Conditional Format ...


Why not try this..
"Home" > "Conditional Formatting" > "New Rule"
In "New Formatting Rule" dialog box, click "Format only cells that contain" set value to 10 - 19.99 then click on "Format" then choose "Font style" and "Color". Click on Ok for both dialogs then create another for 20 - 29.99/30 - 39.99 and so on.. By the way, set it to different color so you can see the difference.

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Conditional formatting, or "IF" formula?

by howard1532658727 In reply to Excel (Conditional Format ...

Sounds like you want to return the values in the range from A31:A36 depending on the value in G29.

I don't think that is conditional formatting you want? You could try this nested "IF" formula. Paste it into the cell where you want the appropriate value to appear.


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