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    Excel: Dropdown list depending on colors


    by sagar.morakhia ·


    I have 2 column say City(Column) & Area(Column B) within City. I need to create a dropdown list for column B depending on the Background Color Present in Cell in Column A

    For Example:

    Column A Details
    London(Cell with Green Background)
    Mumbai(Cell with Yellow Background)
    Newyork(Cell with Yellow Background)

    Column B

    Area 1(Cell with Yellow Background)
    Area 2(Cell with Green Background)
    Area 3(Cell with Yellow Background)

    Now Column C is a list containing values in column A & Column D containing the lists from Column B.

    My requirement is When I select London in column C, Column D should only list Area 2 and when I select Mumbai or Newyork, Column D should list Area1 & Area3.

    Can someone help me with the same?


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      by sagar.morakhia ·

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        Request for Clarification

        by hurblegurble ·

        In reply to Clarifications

        It is not easy to work out what you really want to do with this.
        – filtering a list based on background colour is not something I have ever seen, you can filter based on a value and set the colour as a conditional formatting.

        I am not sure that Column C will make sense to anyone. Or the requirement selecting London in column C etc.

        Overall it seems very hard to understand a way to help you. Perhaps the original problem is simpler to solve as I cannot imagine how and why your suggestion will work for any business use.

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