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I work for an insurance agent. When we prepare quotes for clients, we show them an excel spreadsheet with the various benefits compared. I would like to create a worksheet that has all the various benefits for commonly proposed plans listed, and then a second worksheet with a dropdown list of those plans. Thus, when a plan is selected on the drop down, the cells below are populated automatically with the benefits of that plan. Is this possible? Can I name a series of cells, and then have the data imported once the name of that series is selected from a dropdown?

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There are a couple ways of doing that

by LocoLobo In reply to Excel Dropdowns

You could write a macro and tie it to the Change event in the dropdown. I'm not the right person to describe how to do that.

You could also do it through a formula. Something like:

=IF(ISBLANK($B$5),"",IF($B$5="Plan A",PLAN_A!E5,IF($B$5="Plan B",PLAN_B!E5, ...

This presupposes that Plan A is on a worksheet named PLAN_A, Plan B is on PLAN_B, etc. Hopefully this gives you an idea.

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