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By mjchin ·
I'm looking for assistance in creating an excel macro with the following two functions:

- increment or decrement a value based on an action of another field. For example. cell b2 starts out with "0", it will either increment or decrement by "1" if another cell is clicked.

If I have a two way arrow in cell D2 and one end of the arrow is clicked, it will increment the value in b2 by one, if the other end is clicked, it will decrease the value in b2 by one. Optionally, in cell D2 and D3 are command buttons and clicking on them will change the value in B2.

- input and store a value based on clicking another field,. For example, cell
e2 is where the values are displayed. In cell e4, e5, e6, e7, etc., I have the values
"A", "B", C", "D", etc.. If I click "A", that value is stored in e2, when I click "B", that value is stored in e2, if I click "A" again, it is added to e2. When I look in cell e2, I should see ABA. It would be nice to have the values counted and I see A=2 and B=1.

Anyone know of a source or reference that I can view for such examples?

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