Excel files with password

By jdclyde ·

I had my realtor send me some data that would break down the costs that I will have for selling my home.

She sent this in two excel spreadsheets, but she didn't give me the password. (duh!)

Instead of sending me the passwords or resending the files without the password, she did a copy and paste of data into an email.

As a lot of the data is dependant on the sale price, I would like to have access to the formulas so I can run different numbers to see what the proceeds will be at different prices. This will let me know what my minimum acceptable price would be, because the equity will have to get split 50/50 with the Ex-wife.

I did the google thing, but only found packages that you had to buy. I only have two files to open, so I would really hate to have to buy something just to get access to them.

Thanks for taking a look at this.

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An old trick

by Tig2 In reply to Excel files with password

And I honestly don't know if it will still work. Drop the original file on your hard drive, when you save them, rename them. Now try to open the file.

Another possible would be to take a swing at the file using Open Office.

Impossible to know what password protection your realtor used. I think that your Excel version may have an impact.

Don't know if this will work, so my next suggestion would be to email your realtor that you would like to see the data in its original form and could she please (a) send you the password or (b) send the .xls in an unprotected format.

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by goal120 In reply to Excel files with password

If you haven't tried this already... I have occasionally had luck using the trial version of a password cracker (from for example). The catch is it only works on short passwords (3 characters or less).

For an important file for someone at work I have purchased the full version before, but most of my stuff is not worth even the fairly low cost. (Now I just tell people to just use 3-char passwords so I can crack them for free).

It can't hurt to try!

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