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Excel format keeps changing

By flyingknees ·
Does anyone know why an Excel spreadsheet's format and margins would keep changing from one user to the next? I have a user with a spreadsheet that looks perfect on her machine, yet when she sends it to me via email it looks out of line and everything needs to be adjusted before printing. She uses MS Office 2000 on Windows XP Pro and I use MS Office 2000 on W2K as well. It seems like she's the only one with the problem. All other spreadsheets I get look fine.

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by reitzen In reply to Excel format keeps changi ...

It may not be the software at all. Some inexpensive printers (laser or inkjet) may not have drivers complete enough to properly output your document. The printer may even have a fewer number of columns that it can output causing.

Just a guess, though. Its hard to tell without being able to research the issue at the source.

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by flyingknees In reply to

The formatting and margins of the spreadsheet look out of place even before printing. I checked the default settings on both machines but there was nothing unusual.

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by kpennington In reply to Excel format keeps changi ...

Is there a difference in default printers? I have known Excel spreadsheets and charts to be rendered differently for different printers, local machine and even networked printers using a local driver rather than a network one. Can't remember exactly how the problem was resolved, sorry.

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by kevin.square In reply to Excel format keeps changi ...

office apps adjust output (and display) based on printer capabilities.

You say everything needs to be adjusted. What adjustments are you making. Page Setup, paper size, removing spaces the user puts in instead of setting cell alignment.

This would help to reverse engineer the issue.

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by glyall In reply to Excel format keeps changi ...

her preferences are different than yours

sometimes that settings the a speedsheet does not hold it settings from one PC to another PC.
Users change the settings, if they did not change the settings and use the install settings that would be the same.

good luck

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