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By ichu50 ·
Please help
Value in Cell A1 is copied into cell B1 and new value is entered in A1
B1 should now show old value of A1 plus new value of A1
in other words B1=B1+A1
How do I do this in Excel. Tried to use if statement, cant figure it out

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by Ltop In reply to Excel formula

You will need to use a VB macro or similar in excel to get anything like the result you are looking for.

You will not get it from any excel formula that I am aware of.

let us know how u get on,


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by Ltop In reply to

The answer from chitosunday is correct,

A1 input as 10
B1 is entered as =A1
Copy / Paste Special from A1 > B1 changes the formula in B1 to now be =(A1)+10.

Each time you change the value in A1, B1 will update the value as per the formula, or if you want it to add A1 to the already changed B1, then you need to go thru the Copy / Paste Special action again and every time,


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by ichu50 In reply to

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by chitosunday In reply to Excel formula

You can use copy paste special add. Input the new data then copy cell a1 then use paste special, add to cell b1

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by ichu50 In reply to Excel formula

Thank you all. I figured it out.
Turn on Iteration and change Maximum iteration to 1 (Tools --> Options --> Calculation tab)

In cell B1 type =B1+A1
Change the numbers in A1 and see the amazing results

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by johnske In reply to Excel formula

This is a VBA solution, paste this into the worksheet module for the sheet you want this to work for...

Option Explicit

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target = [a1] Then [b1] = [a1] + [b1]
End Sub

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