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By Dodster ·
Hi, trying to get one cell to give a value depending on the displayed content of a list box within another cell.
If the list box cell shows "Admin" then the cell should show 1. Easy enough.
But I'm stuck when I try to get the same cell to count how many times "Admin" appears in many list boxes in a column.
Tried using
But this just shows if "Admin" appears in the particular row of the same cell?

I know this doesn't count how many times "Admin" appears in the column either but I'm stuck on that part as well.

Appreciate any help with this.

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Here you go

by neilb@uk In reply to Excel formula

This will count the number of times that Admin appears in cells A1->A10


To display the content match for a single cell, say, enter =IF(A1="Admin",1,"") in cell B1 and just copy it down the column. Does that do what you want?

Neil :)

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