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By Shanghai Sam ·
In an Excel worksheet I have four rows of data. Row A show the months January - December for 2001 and Row B shows the expenditure in each month. Row E shows the months January - December for 2002 and Row F shows the expenditure for each month.

I need to show Year-To-Date expenditure for this year and compare it with the same month's expenditure last year - and I want it to update automatically. When I fill in June's spend, I want it to add the total spend Jan - June 2002 and display that total in one cell, then in an adjacent cell automatically display the corresponding total for the same group of months last year.

I know there must be a formula, but......
Any help would be appreciated

Thanks - Steve

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Excel formula

by john_wills In reply to Excel formula

I don't know much Excel, but in Works the solution to the year-to-date problem would be
C1:=B1;C2:=C1+B2;C3:=C2+B3, etc.
and similarly on Row G. If the comparison you want is what it seems to me to be, then you next need
H1:=C1;H2:=C2, etc.

From what I have done with Excel I think this will work, but it seems so easy I suspect I have missed something in your problem.

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