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By H60Driver ·
Hello all, I'm in need of some excel formula help. In my free time (yeah right...) I like to fly and I've made a log book using excel to help me keep track of my flight time. Currently it's on two sheets, one for the actual flight information entry and the second is a totals sheet. On the totals sheet I'd like to keep track of yearly requirements which is based on my birth month.

So, here is what I want to do look at the Date column on 'Log Book' (!A:A) and if it is between 2011,6,1 and 2012,5,31 I want it to go to the total flight time column (!Q:Q) and display the running total on 'Totals' sheet. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

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Request for Clarification

by Miguel0113 In reply to Clarifications

Could you send a possible screenshot of the problem area?
I am trying to understand the problem a little bit better.

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Request for Clarification

by H60Driver In reply to Clarifications

Please forgive me I'm new to this website and I'm not sure how to upload screenshots. I tried to modify the formula below and that didn't work. So, Miguel01131, if you can kindly assist me on uploading a screenshot I'll be happy to do that.

Basically, I have two sheets, one that has all of the flight data and the second that has my totals. All of the dates and hours are on the sheet named Log Book and where I want the annual requirement totals is on the sheet name totals. Hopefully this helps to clarify things a bit.

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Should be reasonably straightforward with a couple of IFs

by EdLockett In reply to Excel formula help

In a 'flight time' column:

IF (AND(DATE1>1/6/2011,DATE2<31/5/2012), FLIGHTTIME, 0)
Then sum them at the bottom.

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