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Excel formula multiply by single cell

By Aqusenu ·
I have a long list of values to apply a multiplier to. Rather than copy the value down the entire column, so it exists in each row, I thought there was a way to select the row value and multiply it by the common multiplier. I thought it might be a function but cannot find a function that works for this. I am using Excel 2000
Multiplier = 1.17
Values Desired Result
1 1 x 1.17
5 5 x 1.17
10 10 x 1.17

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by Bizzo In reply to Excel formula multiply by ...

If you have the multiplier in cell A1, then reference the multiplier cell by $A$1. eg =B1*$A$1
This means that copying a formula won't alter the cell reference.

Alternatively, if you go to Insert->Name->Define... from the menu, you can label a (range of) cell, eg 'multipler'. Then the formula would be =B1*multipler

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by zimonar In reply to Excel formula multiply by ...

Let?s say the multiplier 1.17 in cell C2.
11 in cell B4
55 in cell B5
10 in cell B6
To make the multiplier cell C2 absolute $C$2, use the function key F4.
On the cell C4 type, ex:
=B4*C2 and hit the function key F4 → =B4*$C$2 then hit Enter → 12.87
As you have a long list of values, values should be in the same column. Select the result of the 1st cell, 12.87 in cell C4 and use the fill handle:
Place the mouse pointer on the fill handle, the black mini-square in the lower-right corner of the cell. As soon as you see the little cross, click with the left side of the mouse button and drag it down across the empty cells to copy the result of each value in the list. Release the mouse.

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by chitosunday In reply to Excel formula multiply by ...

Put in 1.17 in a specific cell
then use copy the select the range to be multiplied then use pastespecial multiply

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by bschaettle In reply to Excel formula multiply by ...

Or, you can define a named range:
[1] Click on: Insert -->Name -->Define
A dialog box will appear.
[2] In the top field type the word "multiplier"
[3] In the bottom field type "=1.17"
[4] Click on OK.

Now in your result cells, you can reference the multiplier in your formulas:

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