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Excel Formula Question

By rjohnson ·
I'm trying to add contents from 3 cells in one sheet but I can't get the value, just 0.

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Format cells

by traftery In reply to Excel Formula Question

Right-click on the cells you want to include in the formula, then select Format Cells. Make sure these cells are formatted as numbers. If the cell type for each cell is already in a number format, then make sure there isn't an apostrophe in front of the number, which would change it to a string.

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Excel Formula Question

by rjohnson In reply to Format cells

I tried this but no success

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Excel gremlins

by liz.lightfoot In reply to Excel Formula Question

Sometimes an Excel worksheet has hidden gremlins--and no matter what you do you can't get the function to work or the right format to display, esepcially with data exported from a database. When I encounter this, I open a new Excel spreadsheet. If your actual data are simply columns of numbers (no formulas that need retaining), you can simply copy your columns of data and 'paste special', values only, into the new worksheet. Then try to sum the 3 columns, with the right cell format of course. It usually works for me.

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Excel Formula Question

by rjohnson In reply to Excel gremlins

Yeah it's most likely a corrupt file.

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