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    EXCEL FORMULA W/O using pivot table


    by spoofen88 ·

    Need to sum up the top three costs by brand. As you can see toyota is indicated twice in two different amounts so I would need the formula to rollup brands listed multiple times, then brand amounts to be ranked for the sum of top three. End of the day I need the formula to get to 120K for top three (50K Toyota, 30K Honda, 20K Ford), I had to eyeball this.

    Brand Type Cost
    Honda Car 30,000.00
    Ford Car 20,000.00
    GMC SUV 40,000.00
    Toyota SUV 35,000.00
    Toyota Car 15,000.00
    Hyundai Car 12,000.00

    Please help, this is certainly the next level from where I am at in Excel. Would be good to know, since this will be used more frequently than not.

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