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Excel Formulas

By Dillon.damien ·
I have a large excel spreadsheet which I want to apply the round formula to multiple cells.

For instance I have a table with linked figures divided by 1000.
i.e: in Sheet 1 cell B2 I have: "=('Sheet2'!B2)/1000)"

I want to have "=ROUND(('Sheet2'!B2)/1000,0)"

Is there a way to apply this to multiple cells without manually typing the formula in to each of the hundreds of cells?

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Copy and paste

by neilb@uk In reply to Excel Formulas

works fine for formulae. It will update the cell reference

Neil :)

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Sort of works

by Dillon.damien In reply to Copy and paste

I am able to copy and paste the formula only if the cells in the linked sheet are adjacent.

For instance:
If the cell values in column B are:
An the cell values in column C are:

Copy&Paste works.

However if the values are as below, copy and paste results in the same outcome as with the numbers above:
in column B:
in column C:

Any suggestions?


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