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Excel Function issue.

By William96 ·
I am a student and I am working with Excel at the moment.
Now I have a small problem with the project i am working on in my ICT Class.
I am to create a currency converter with Excel.

Now i have created a graph of Euro - Us Dollars - Pounds.... I will not go into detail. I got as far as using the IF Function as this [image-link]:

Now I would like to know how can I add 2 more possibilities to the logical_test section in the function. Right now I have got USD($) between the " " But actually I will need 3 or more currencies.... Why ? - because I have created a Drop down list in the cell of D7 like above. So if i choose a different currency in that drop down list such as EUR(???) for example, how am I able to add that to my IF function ? ....
Because the logical_test will not have the other currencies that means the value_if_false will kick in... but i dont want that.

Maybe i have to add another series of () to make it into some kind of double IF function ? I have no idea. Thats why I Need you guys to tell me what I have to change in the Function.

Thank you :)
Regards William.

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Couple of thoughts

by robo_dev In reply to Excel Function issue.

first of all, post the code that makes up the function...I read your post three times and have no clue.

You may wish to post this as a 'question' as the discussion section is more for discussions, as the name might imply.

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by William96 In reply to Couple of thoughts

im sorry. i am still just a student, the code ?

maybe this will help:

The function is: =IF(

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