Excel has file big size

By RossHutton ·
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I have an .xls files I open with Excel 2007 every day. It is approximately 200 rows x 60 columns.
Each day we create a copy of this file, and in the new copy, change the numeric value of 20 cells.
No new columns or rows are added, there are no graphics/charts/etc. There is only one sheet.
10 days ago, the file size was 1.7MB. The next day it grew to 3 MB. The following day 7.
Today the file is 20 MB and working with it is very slow. It takes approximately 10 minutes to open, 10 minutes to save, and clicking anywhere in the file has a 30 second delay.
Sharing is not enabled on this file. I'm not sure what the issue could be, any suggestions. I've tried an "Open & Repair" but no luck. It also doesn't link to an external file, and it doesn't have any VBA code.

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Is it a shared workbook?

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Excel has file big size

I found this support help from Microsoft Support:

While this article states Excel 2003, it does mention the issue can effect Excel 2007.

Let us know if this resolves your issue.

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Excel has file big size

by DeanReilly In reply to Is it a shared workbook?
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by bryanwaltersmn In reply to Is it a shared workbook?

This was a nice resource, thanks for sharing.

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Excel has file big size

by DeanReilly In reply to Excel has file big size

To reduce the overall size of an Excel workbook, you may like to try one/more of these suggestions:
* Don't save as dual format file (Excel 95/97); use the most recent version of Excel you (and your intended) audience will have access to - for instance, "Excel 2002", or "Excel 2000"? However, save in the oldest copy of MS-Excel you can, then re-save in the latest revision you can. Doing this may reduce overall size.
* If you notice that the vertical or horizontal scroll-bar(s) go(es) past the end of your data, you can clear the blank rows & columns beyond the extent of your data:
a) Go to the bottom row of data & then select the entire next row by clicking on the row number (in the "margin"). Use [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Down Arrow] to select all the remaining rows in the worksheet, then click the "Edit" / "Clear" menu item to clear the rows of values & formats.
b) Go to the far right column of data & select the entire next column by clicking on the column letter. Use [Ctrl]+[Shift]+ to select all the remaining columns in the worksheet. As before, use the "Edit" / "Clear" menu item to clear the columns of values & formats.
Repeat the above steps for each worksheet in your workbook where you can scroll past the end of your data. Finally, save the workbook, and close it. Upon re-opening the scroll-bars should now extend only as far as the data.
* Format your cells in continuous ranges (blocks) rather than individually setting the formats of distinct cells. For example, if all of row 1 is "size 12, arial, bold" do not set A1, B1, C1, D1, E1 (etc) separately, just select row 1 & apply the same style to each cell at once. Formatting in this manner can also be used with colors (cell foreground & background), fonts, font sizes, font styles. Try to apply the same formatting to single or multiple columns, and/or rows, and make individual cells the exceptions, rather than apply formatting to individual cells one by one.
* Refresh any queries or pivot tables with (select critieria that references) the least amount of data possible.
* Research (via Help) & use inbuilt bespoke functions rather than writing your own code.
* Reduce the length of Range names so that they are still meaningful, but not as verbose.
* If you have any (auto) filtering enabled in your workbook, across one, or more, worksheets, remove this, or reset it back to "(All)" prior to saving.
* Remove any unused worksheets, or any unused VBA code (or pre-recorded macros).

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by RossHutton In reply to Excel has file big size

Thank you all for your advice! The issue has been resolved.

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