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Excel Heads won't use Access

By alanevs ·
I work with a group a Excel-only engineers, who are aware of the value of a database tool like Access, but won't use it. About the only thing that has been successful is to create Excel tables and link them to an Access file on the network, but that's only scratching the surface. Is this normal? is there a solution?

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Excel Heads won't use Access

by curlergirl In reply to Excel Heads won't use Acc ...

Is anything about a group of engineers "normal"? Everyone, esp. engineers, resists change, so if they've been using Excel for lo these many years, you're going to have to prove to them how Access can change their lives. If they are "aware of the value" of it but still won't use it, they probably just don't understand it. And engineers don't like to admit that they don't understand something, just like the rest of us! Usually the only way to convince someone you have a better way is to show them - take a project they're currently working on and show them how they could do it much better, neater, easier, cooler, faster, more efficiently or some such thing with Access. And if all else fails, as Marie Antoinette once said - let 'em use Excel. . .Good luck!

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Excel Heads won't use Access

by alanevs In reply to Excel Heads won't use Acc ...

Marie Antoinette was cruel, indeed. When the watch me perform data magic, they get Access envy, but it's like getting a tax cut past Clinton. I need to build a traking database for all the excuses! Microsoft hasn't been the best of allies (suprise) but my own survival requires I forge ahead. Thanks for the advice.

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