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Excel help, constant running total

By james62 ·
I need help with an inventory workbook our company has. We need it to have a running total of parts instock, and as we use the worksheet to input data, the inventory will change and then we have another sheet for output data that will tell us what parts we need or are short. The problem is we need to be able to do this process, clear the old entries, then start another job, but have the inventory counts to stay constant as they were changed from the last set of entries. Any thoughts.


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by zimonar In reply to Excel help, constant runn ...

Suppose your values are in a range in column C. Enter the following formula for example:
In any cell in column D enter, =SUM(C:C)
- To keep a running total, you can enter your formula in any column, but not in the column that contain values. Any changes you do in values; edit or add new value(s), clear or delete cell(s)?, the cell total in another column is automatically updated.

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by james62 In reply to

This still doesn't keep the total when the input entries change, I have recently been told by several people that there is no way to get Excel to do this, and have suggested an Access inventory database. But if anyone knows of a formula that will allow a running total to stay the same even when the leading formulas change, please let me know.


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by fluxist In reply to Excel help, constant runn ...

I think this is what you are trying to do--I used the below link
info for a running total.

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