EXCEL - How can I sum cells given a condition that is in another cell ?

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I have the following chart in excel where, among other things, I have columns with the following content: Date of the Invoice, Number of the Invoice, Client Name, Invoice Amount, Paid? Y/N (where Y indicates that it has been paid and N indicates that it has not been paid yet) and finally a column with the Payment Date.

It is important to keep in mind that this chart keeps getting updated every time I issue a new invoice, so I keep adding rows to it. Every time an invoice gets paid, I update it also. Before you ask, this groups invoices issued manually as well as invoices issued with our invoicing software. If it was all software, our software could do that easily.

So, at the bottom of this chart I want to have certain data:

a) Total amount of invoices unpaid
b) Total amount of invoices unpaid for over 30 days
c) Amount of invoices unpaid by client name
d) Amount of invoices issued to a given client within a specific time range (say, year 2011).

Now I know this involves conditional summing. I've been fiddling with the SUMIF function but I can't seem to be getting good results. Can anyone please advise ?

Thank you


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