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By Inge.Desmarais ·
We have a large mailing list that includes a name field populated with First name, Middle name/Initial(s)(if one exists), and finally Last Name. Sometimes there are periods after initials, sometimes not, and sometimes no initials at al. Is there a generic formula that doesn't have to be run over and over again for every letter of the alphabet, in order to ensure that each name follows a similar format including a period after each/any initial.

Basically we need to test if there is an initial and if so does it have a period? If not put it in.

Any help appreciated.


Existing Name Desired Output
Joe C. Anybody Joe C. Anybody
Joe C.E. Anybody Joe. C. E. Anybody
Joe Anybody Joe Anybody
Joe C Anybody Joe. C. Anybody
Joe CE Anybody Joe C. E. Anybody
Joe C E Anybody Joe C. E. Anybody

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