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Excel import and delimiters

By b.dillon ·
I am exporting a file from Quickbooks to Excel. The customer name and job number are in the same field when imported. I use the text to column feature and it seperates the items, however when it does this any numbers beginning with 0 the 0 goes away in the transfer. Such as Job NO 0404076 comes in as 404076. I need the 0 to stay. What do I do. Thanks

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by Garret` In reply to Excel import and delimite ...

Format those cells as test. In excel, click on Format, Tools and in the first tab select 'Test' and click ok.

Alternativly, you can preceed all those numbers with an apostrophe "'" and that will automatically format the numbers as text and retain the 0's

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by Garret` In reply to Excel import and delimite ...

err...when I say "test" I really mean "text" hehe :)

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by j.lupo In reply to Excel import and delimite ...

When you import into Excel you can use the import wizard. My version automatically brings it up for me. The wizard has you choose whether you want to import using fixed length fields or delimited. If you pick delimited (or fixed length, but delimited is easier) you can choose the delimter character(s).

You can then choose the format for each column. If you change the job no column to text, you won't lose the zero on the beginning of the numbers.

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by Delfeye In reply to Excel import and delimite ...

If you think that it would be better to keep the numbers formatted as numbers, you need to create a special format. In this specific case, the format would just be 7 0s "0000000" (zeros).

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