EXCEL INDIRECT FUNC dynamic reference problem

By stewg1 ·
Hi guys. Thanks for reading my question. I need a little help on the INDIRECT function syntax in excel 365. I have a searchable combobox dropdown which refers to the following:


it works no problem.

My problem is that I have data on multiple worksheets and need to dynamically reference the worksheet (as opposed to hardcoding it NSWACT) in response to the user's selection. The worksheet name is contained in cell C3 on worksheet "Sheet1". I have tried every permutation and combination of the INDIRECT function and C3 and Sheet1 and &()"'! to replace the hardcoded "NSWACT!" at the three points where it appears in the formula but at each attempt, excel throws up the "There's a problem with this formula. Not trying to type a formula?.... etc" error msgbox.

If anyone is able to help me with the correct syntax that would be fantastic

Any help greatly appreciated!

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