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    Excel Input Mask


    by vortex138 ·

    I have a user who uses an Excel Workbook to track the time sheets of her employees. What she wants to do is have a list of the employees’ names and have a number attached to them so that all she needs to do in one of the columns on her spreadsheet is type in the number and have the employee name appear instead of the number. Is this possible in Excel?

    Thanks in advance!

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      Look up name from number

      by christinek ·

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      Investigate HLookup() and VLookup() functions. You can have a lookup table with numbers and names on another sheet, and use this function to return the name that matches the number. The number and the employee name will be in different columns, but does this really matter?

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      by larryd4 ·

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      I am going to assume the timesheet for each employee is a seperate sheet in the workbook.

      You could set up a list of employees with a hyperlink that takes you directly to that employee’s sheet.

      This link reference will work if all the time sheets are on the same sheet as well.

      If your familiar with VBA you could make a front end sheet that has the input box for the employee record and then have the VBA code search for the correct location the sheet for that person.

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