Excel insert data from one cell into another not vba

By ni.fury ·
I have an excel workbook that is entering data into a database yet, the database is always changing.
I have the function to find the blank cell which is: LOOKUP(0,1/(Sheet1!A:A<>""),Sheet1!A:A
which shows the function #n/a which is what i want. I found the function to find the last cell. I also found the if statement that can gather the data from another sheet and if the lookup is blank it provides a new number. which is:
=IF(ISNA(LOOKUP(0,1/(Sheet1!A:A<>""),Sheet1!A:A)), Sheet3!A1,0)
but I have yet to find a function without using VBA to enter data into that blank cell. Also the blank cell has to stay blank it can;t have a function in it or it wouldn't be blank.

In this data base I am inputting data from one cell into another sheet in the last blank cell of a column. Yet, I cannot figure out how to do this without VBA. I am looking for a function in excel that can take data from a cell and enter it into another cell.

a b c
1 one two Blank
2 three
How do I get Blank to input b1 (two) into a3 which is blank? I have been looking on the internet and cant find it.

Anything you can add will help tremendously.

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