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Excel, inventory

By skhan1561428669 ·
I am trying to build an inventory system for a medical practice that uses 7 expensive drugs. Currently, they have only one person keeping track. I would like to set up so we have a check on whether the staff is keeping good track of these drugs (as I found one injection in the trash can!). I am thinking:
Beginning inventory (Qty) + Purchases (Qty) - ending inventory (Qty) = Qty used for the period.

I can find a report for the orders placed for the month (purchases) and if I get the beginning inventory #s from the staff and match the qty used with a report I get from patient accounts, we should be able to see if the staff is reporting accurate numbers every month.

Please suggest how I should build a template for the staff to keep record and also advise if my formula above is going to report accurate quantity used for the monht.

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Surely the Pratice Software does this doesn't it?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Excel, inventory

I have yet to see any Medical Software that doesn't keep a list of all drugs prescribed/used and that is searchable from the system to see what is being used and what should be left onhand.

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No software

by skhan1561428669 In reply to Surely the Pratice Softwa ...

This practice is like I've stepped in to a museum. It's ancient and everything is recorded on a piece of paper. While I was there for a few weeks, I found a $2000 injection in the trash can. So we have to establish some controls.. I just dont know where to begin.

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Good luck with that then

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No software

If they throw out 2 K shots I'm assuming that there is something wrong with them they have been contaminated or something or badly stored out of date or whatever.

But how to they charge for what they do?

It would have be to the public as no Governemnt Agency would accept invoices without a full description of the service same goes for Health Insurance Companies and without a "Need for" the Quacks to change you'll be fighting a uphill battle as none will want to do any paperwork let alone go near that computer to do their job. Which is probably a good thing as they will not destroy the stuff on it and trash all the data.

Once Upon a Time I threatned a bunch of Quacks with a 12 foot Stock Whip because they where screwing up my system and I told the lot of them that the hook on the wall there with the handcuff hanging from was where I was going to tie them to and then proceed to Whip the Faeces out of them.

That didn't go down well as you might expect but to get them to change they first have to want to change and that is the real problem.

Very few Tech Problems are related to Tech at all they are all People Problems and I used to love saying to very senior surgeons it's a Picnic Problem You know the old "Problem in Chair not in Computer."

A Excel Spreadsheet may be a starting point but I would suggest making an appointment with a shrink and claiming PTSD now as it saves lots of pain, suffering and time latter.

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OK as they are using Paper Records

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No software

The Pratice Manager must be doing the invoices so how do they reconcile the Treatment Advice and medacition used?

The best way to get people to change the way that they do things is to show them how much it is costing them unless they are a Hospital as that will mean nothing at all to them and they will continue as usual and you'll be in the funny farm and untreatable. Been there done that and will never return again it's not worth it.

Meds are a funny things particuarly Nuclear Meds which can have a short Half Life and become useless very quickly. The rest is fairly controlable as they have Use By Dates doesn't mean that they will do Stock Rotation and put the new in at the back so the oldest is used first but it is a starting point.

Provided that all the quacks are filling in their bits of Paper and keeping accurate Patient Records the Pratice Manager who has to do the Papework should be able to do a Spreadsheet though even that may not be as up to date as is required.

Then they will need some thing/way to write off spoiled Meds so if things get contaminated or whatever and are not usable or they use part of the dose not it all they will need a way to account for what has been used and what gets wasted. "Another Person to run the Meds Area and hand out all prescriptions from the quacks as well as keeping records of what has been used?" Then the Pratice Manager can tidy up the stock numbers maybe.

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