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    Excel Links in IE6


    by scranfield ·

    Has anyone seen this. When I setup a link from a web page that targets an excel spreadsheet, when this link opens (within IE6) the toolsbars do not show. By click on view, toolbars and select the ones that I want I can work away. However, if I close my browser and log back on they have gone again. How can I get them to stay?

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      by bschaettle ·

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      Excel Viewer vs. Excel
      It’s been my experience that when you hyperlink directly to a file with a .xls extension, IE will launch the Excel Viewer, not Excel, and I don’t know if you can tell the viewer to open with certain toolbars showing. To preserve toolbar preferences you can launch Excel instead of the viewer by hyperlinking to a Windows Shortcut that in turn points to the .xls file. This only works in IE as far as I know, but if this is an intranet where everyone uses IE only, then you’re OK.



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