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    excel math function problem


    by wsharp ·

    I must be missing something, but this “problem” has just come to me. I was entering “101818/366” (101818 divided by 366) into a cell in an excel spreadsheet that I use all the time and when I hit “enter”, instead of an answer, the “formula” turns into a “label”. I then tried “101818-10181” and the same thing. I tried “278/366” (278 divided by 366) and it calculates the correct answer. I tried “24+24” and it turns it into a label. Using the minus sign does also. I tried this by opening the SAME spreadsheet on another computer and it did the same. I asked a co-worker to open ANYTHING from excel and try the formulas and he had the same results. I have checked this with the cell format being set to “general” and to “number” and to “currency”…all with the same results.

    It is ALMOST like the math function keys “/”; “*”; “+” and “-” have been turned off. I am an old Lotus 123 person and have used this this FORM and excel for more than two years without ever having this problem, now it seems to be on all machines.

    Lastly, the tests were all done on a WIN 98 2nd edit; a WIN 2000 w/service pack 4; and a WIN XP Pro with service pack 2 installed…and all had the same “problem”???????

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