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    excel names


    by aortega ·

    Is it possible to use as a reference to a named cell the contents of other cells?
    Cell A1 has been named as “lt”, and A2 has lt as cell content. May I use in A3 a formula such as
    to get the contents of cell A1?

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      by wordworker ·

      In reply to excel names

      This is the one you want. It looks at whatever is in the cell you specify and if that cell contains a valid range name, then the INDIRECT function will return the value in the cell with that range name.

      If the range name spans two or more cells, INDIRECT() by itself won’t work. But say “it” is the name assigned to A1:A2, and A3 contains the word “it.” Then =SUM(INDIRECT(A3)) will return the SUM of the values in the cells named by A3.

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