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By kerry.shannon ·
I would like to know if there is any way to move between cells without moving into vacant cells between them. I have a set of worksheets in Excel that require a lot of data input, too much for a form, whereas each page is different. Its sort of like a huge questionaire. Since I have boxes on different rows and some on same but different columns, I'd like the user to be able to TAB or ARROW from one box to the next without traveling through each adjacent cell to get to it. Is this at all possible? (Please don't say VBA I'm not that advanced yet).

Thanks Much,

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Protect Sheet

by brian In reply to Excel Navigation

When the worksheet protection is enabled (tools/protection/protect sheet), the tab key will toggle through unprotected cells.

To unprotect/protect a cell or range of cells the worksheet (global) protection must be off.

Then you set the cells to protected or unprotected by right clicking and choosing the format tab.

Enable protection (tools/protection/protect sheet), and the tab key will toggle through the unprotected cells.
Good Luck!

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Thats a kewl trick.

by radiic In reply to Protect Sheet

Never knew that but its kewl, I tried it and it works. Thats something neat to tuck away in the ole tips&tricks database in my head.

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Cursor Keys

by chris hirst In reply to Excel Navigation

If you use the <End> key then press a cursor key the active cell will move to the first non-blank cell in the direction of the arrow, And if you have a block of filled cells this will move you to the ends of the block

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Good One!

by dave4e2open In reply to Cursor Keys

I knew about the Protect/Uprotect trick but the END/Arrow is much easier to use.
That's a keeper!
Thanks, Chris!

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