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Excel / Network Slow on Opening Files

By Ms.Ashiq ·

I have a strange issue on a brand new system running, Dual Core E5300, 2GB RAM and Asus Motherboard loaded with the latest drivers. Am running Windows XP SP3 with Office Service Pack 3.

The problem is rather strange. These machine runs fine, speed and everything else is ok but when you try to open an excel files of over 30MB, it takes 3 to 5 minutes to open that file. It takes around the same time to copy files on the network.

The strange thing is that if you take another dell or HP pc and open it, it opens up in second.
It at first indicated hardware, changed everything in that PC and tried, error still exists. Then I relaoded the OS and put only the Drivers and Office, no antivirus no firewall. Same Issue.

Then I took the HP and reformatted it and put again only Windows and Ofice and strangely the issue popped up in the HP also which was working ok at first.

Both Pcs have latest drivers + BIOS updates.

I am thinking that It could be a Microsoft update that resolves this issue but again it has SP3 for office and SP3 for XP.

Anyone has any Idea or came accross this.


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