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excel "out of memory" but I have memory.

By michael.burgess ·
Here is my specs.
1 Gigabyte DDR memory
2 page files each 1 gigabyte on different hard disk( this was different and I changed it and it didnt make a difference)

I open one spreadsheet thats 65+ megs.
I try to open another spreadsheet that is 30+ megs with a lot of it being calculations.

Everytime I do this I get "Out of Memory errors"

My computer still has 500+ megs available

Any ideas?

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by capabel In reply to excel "out of memory" but ...

Try increasing your "virtual memory" by doubling the size of the page file. it's under system properties performace options.

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by JimKlallsoo In reply to excel "out of memory" but ...

Workbooks containing only Formulae and Pivot tables:
- max Memory useable approx 80MB
- resulting max Workbook size approx 64MB

Workbook containing only Data ( constants with no formulae)
- no limit yet found up to 368MB memory used, workbook size 512MB

Workbooks containing both formulae and data:
- cannot have more than the 80MB memory of formulae and pivot tables but can
add as many data cells as you like ( no limit found).

This is not a definitive answer but if you contact Microsoft they will simply tell you it is to do with heap space.

Here are some useful articles on Excel usage/optimisation;en-us;72622;en-us;264626

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by twobordercollies In reply to excel "out of memory" but ...

Try cleaning out your temp folder.

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by ArthurP In reply to excel "out of memory" but ...

If you are going to increase the paging file size, (as recommended by Capabel), then please make sure that both sizes are 3? times the physical memory installed ... as this will reduce fragmentation ... though after a little research I concur with Jim's findings


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by htmlman In reply to excel "out of memory" but ...

If you check to see what your free resorces are and it is below 80% then you will need to turn off some of the programs you have running in the background. It that number is not attanable then you will have to go to the start up menu and have programs that run at start up disabled. If they are turned on when you boot your computer and closed after some times windows dosnt release all of the memory the programs used memory at closing. Some computers need the graphics application, anti-virus programming and firewall running. Other programs you use alot can be left on at boot but I prefer not to turn on any programs I am not ready to use untill I am ready to use them. If you are unsure what programs are a must at goot time ask you system administrator.
Most systems are set by defult to let windows set the amount of virtual ram and it usually is set to use all of the unused space on the drive inwhich the OS is installed. hope this helps.

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by pamcse In reply to excel "out of memory" but ...

No definitive answer here... just some thoughts.

Is this an Excel error... or Windows error?? If Excel error, take what Jim said to heart. (I wasn't aware of these limitations.)

Do you get same error if you reverse opening order of the files? Does either file have autorun macros... that perhaps do a lot of calculations?? [Disable macros and try opening files.] Must you open both at same time? Can you combine the files and open as one?? Will it open this 'unified' file???

I also question use of Excel as application of choice when file size hits 65Mb... and another one at 30 Mb???

I noted that you already changed 'virtual memory' size. I don't think this will have any effect, as I don't think this is a swapfile.sys issue.

I think you can ignore 'normal' apps or services running in background. Use Process Explorer (free download on web) to view running processes. Task Manager will also disply some memory usage figures. Obviously, there could be other issues... run virus scan lately??? Any services running that you don't recognize???

And finally... bear in mind what I always taught my students: WINDOWS LIES!!! If the OS encounters an error, it will present its 'best guess' what the problem is. BUT... sometimes this is NOT correct and leads you down the WRONG troubleshooting path!

Try these steps and repost results/your thoughts.


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by michael.burgess In reply to excel "out of memory" but ...

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