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    I have a Pivot Tbale that looks an external data in Access. Every month is created a new external data. I have 8 pivot tables looking at the same file. The hard part is evvery month I have to go in each pivot table and change the external data. Is there any way to make um single change? – I could have a master pivot table and than page than but – the problem is my pivot tables are customized in the screen with other information. I cannot just page my pivot tables.

    any help?

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      Pivot table info…

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      Change the external connection information for a PivotTable list

      1. Click the PivotTable list to select it.
      2. Click inside the PivotTable list to activate it.
      3. Right-click the PivotTable list, click Commands and Options, and then click the Data Source tab.
      4. Click Connection, and then click Edit.
      5. Locate the data source you want to use in the Look in box, and double-click it in the list. If the data source you want to use is not available, click New Source and follow the instructions in the Data Connection Wizard to create a new connection file for your data.

      Security Note Under some circumstances, a user can view the information used to connect to an external data source. This may represent a security risk. For more information, see About making connections to external data sources more secure.
      6. Under Use Data from, do one of the following:
      * To select a different table or query (query: A question about the data stored in your tables, or a request to perform an action on the data. A query can bring together data from multiple tables to serve as the source of data for a form, report, or data access page.), click Data member, table, view, or cube name, and then select the record source (record source: The underlying source of data for a form, report, or data access page. In an Access database, it could be a table, query, or SQL statement. In an Access project, it could be a table, view, SQL statement, or stored procedure.) you want from the list.
      * To change the command text, click Command text or SQL, and then enter the query to select the data. For information about the query syntax, see the documentation for the external data source.


      * To use data from a Microsoft Excel worksheet, you have to publish the data to a Web page from Excel. If you want to turn the Web page into a data access page, open it in Microsoft Access, and then add controls that are bound to Access or Microsoft SQL Server database data.
      * When you have a Microsoft Office Web Component bound to an external data source on the same data access page with controls bound to an Access or SQL Server database, the component control uses a different data source control (data source control: The engine behind data access pages and Microsoft Office Web Components that manages the connection to the underlying data source. The data source control has no visual representation.) than the rest of the page.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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