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By ehood ·
We have an Excel 2003 spreadsheet that prints different between PC's. On one it prints to where it mostly fills the page. On all of the others that I tested it makes the printed information shorter on the page. It seems to compress it. I have changed the page setup to fit and back to 100% on these PC's, but it did not fix the problem. If you stretch it out on the machines that it prints short on to make it fill the page, when printed on the other PC it prints it on 2 pages.

The last time I saw this was 4-5 years ago and to fix it the PC had to be wiped and reloaded.

Any ideas?

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by DC_GUY In reply to Excel Printing

You need to upgrade your PC to a Macintosh. ^_^ (No, I don't work for Apple. PC people can't believe anyone could be so happy without Windows that they would recommend such an easy life to their friends!)

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Try this

by In reply to Excel Printing

These comments are based on Excel 2000.

It sounds like you are manually adjusting column widths to make the print fit horizontally. If so, I suggest you use the automatic 100% width scaling feature in Page Setup.

1. File menu.
2. Page Setup menu item.
3. Scaling setting: Fit to "1" pages wide by "999" pages tall.

With this setting, I would expect your spreadsheet to print 1 page wide on any PC.

Now, if your sheet prints 1 page wide and one 1 or 2 pages tall depending on the PC, you may have some additional adjustments to make.

One thing that comes to mind is fonts. Make sure that the fonts used in the sheet are present on both PCs. If they are not, then Excel will substitute a font and that may account for the different length.

Also: Different printer models have different printable page areas. If this applies to your case, avoid pushing the print all the way to the edges of the page to avoid different PCs producing differing numbers of pages.

Hope this is helpful!

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)

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by ehood In reply to Try this

I have tried 100% and fit, but nothing changed.

I compared fonts and there were a few differences, but these fonts were not in the document in question. The one font issue I saw was when the document was originally opened, the box where you change fonts had strange characters like the font wasn't available or corrupt. Once it was changed and saved we didn't see this again. This happned on every PC we opened the file on.

They are using the same printer and I have also reinstalled the drivers.

Thanks for the input,
Embry Hood

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Originally foreign language spreadsheet?

by In reply to

Was the original spreadsheet originally created on a foreign language version of Excel?

I've seen strange behavior like you describe in a spreadsheet originally created in a Japanese language version of Excel. Some font names in the drop down list with "garbage" characters. Some characters in the document were "garbage". This occurred routinely and predictably with Excel sheets received from associates in Japan.

To fix it, I changed the document's settings. I don't recall for sure all of the changes. But, some of them were:

- Select the entire document and change the font to one of those installed on the PC.

- Choose the Format->Style menu and change the styles. In particular, the font name in the style was a foreign language font. Changing that cleared up a number of problems in particular formatting problems in the top and left side column and row names (columns are letters, rows are numbers).

- File->Page Setup. Adjust margins and paper size. Japan uses A4 paper.

I hope this is your problem after making you go through all of this explanation! :-)

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)

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excel printing

by thomas-ford-sr In reply to Excel Printing

this seems like you may have diffrent version of excel software running on your system computers if not then try enable of the marcos

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