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Excel printout multiple pages confusing

By rockywoods ·
I am creating an inventory in Excel. I have columns for: item #, Type and Description. The description is lengthy quite often. I would like it to print out as the three columns on one page. Instead, I get a printout with many pages (due to the extensive "Description".

Isn't there some way to contain the text within each box to the area designated on the screen? I believe I had it once, but cannot figure out how to get it back (and could not find one of your articles that referred to it).

Also, is there a way that the text of short entries will display at the top of the box when printed out (when text in another box results in multiple lines?

Thank you.

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by twobordercollies In reply to Excel printout multiple p ...

Select the Column you are using for Description
Go to the Format menu
Select Cells...
Select the Alignment tab
Select Wrap text

That will make your text fit in the width of the column you set but the rows will now be wider. So the text of short entries will print at the bottom of the cell. Here is how you can overcome that:

Select the Column you have short entries in
Go to the Format menu
Select Cells...
Select the Alignment tab
From the Vertical dropdown box select Top

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by rockywoods In reply to Excel printout multiple p ...

I am still trying to create my inventory in excel. I opened Cellss, and clicked on Wrap Text. For some reason, it works for a while, then, later I notice it is not working. It changes back to all text on one line again.
I don't know what to do. I have entered about 10 - 15 items before I notcie it is changed back. AND, I cannot get it to change to wrap Text again. Each time, I have to creat a new Excel page.

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by pmjordan In reply to Excel printout multiple p ...

You could be dealing with a corrupt workbook. Try to save your file as an older version then re-open and save back to the present version. Such as: Do a 'Save As', under file type select Excel 5 (if available) then click 'Save' then close the workbook. re-open the Excel 5 versions and "Save As" a Microsoft Excel Workbook.

Next, select the long description and plaec your cursor where you would like a line break to appear. Press the key combination of Alt + Enter. This forces a line break, the same as Wrap Text.

Also, have you tried to slant the text at a 45d angle? That is also available in the Cells options, under Alignment tab in newer versions of Excel. Select your row of description cells and format the cell alignment to 45 degrees.

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