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Excel Prints only portions of a document

By wsiliezar ·
Hello everyone. I just registered to this forum today and I'm looking for some help. Just to let you know, I work at the Help Desk for a local company and I have about 2 years experience in the field.

On to the problem,
We have a user that prints out an Excel spread**** on paper size 11x17. She prints to a HP Laserjet 4V (4MB). As you know, the printer is really old. When she prints out the document, it prints out, but only portions of it. The top half of the spreadsheet will print, than the last half will be missing, and the very bottom the totals are present.

An example of how it prints:

Data Data Data Data
Data Data Data Data
Data Data Data Data
missing data missing
missing data missing
Totals Totals Totals

Before printing, if you look at the Print Preview, it shows that the entire document will print. Looking in Page Break View, it also shows that everything is selected.

I have tried printing the same document from my computer (Office 2003) and it prints fine, but printing from another Help Desk's guys identical pc, it prints out the same way as the user. The user has Office XP.

Printing to a new Xerox 535 printer/copier from the user's PC prints out perfectly fine.

I would appreciate any help. I have spent many, many hours looking for the solution, but there is nothing out there. I found a site that sated the same problem and the solution was to add more memory to the printer. I added as much memory to the printer as it would take, the problem still persist.

Thanks in advance.

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by wsiliezar In reply to Excel Prints only portion ...

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Excel Prints only portion ...

Sounds like a printer driver settings and/or printer control language issue. Are you using the drivers from the Windows XP CD?

According to HP's support page for your Laserjet model, "HP LaserJet 4 series ... may have drivers with added functionality available from the product specific download pages on HP.COM"

There is a driver for 4V with support for PostScript and PCL which may be helpful in sorting out this problem.

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by dlprice In reply to Excel Prints only portion ...

Look in the printing setup, change it to 300 x 300, older printers can't handle the higher resolution and you get print drop out.

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by wsiliezar In reply to


Thank you a million for your help. I posted this problem in about 4-5 forums and everyone had no idea of how to solve it. Everyone thought that it was the driver, but that is one of the first things that I checked. I changed the resolution to 300x300 and the file printed perfect. I will never forget this problem. Again, thank you for your help.

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by wsiliezar In reply to Excel Prints only portion ...

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