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By tmpotter ·
I am taking an Excel class and have the following problem, can someone explain the steps I need to establish to determine the outcome?

A new small manufacturing company, which produces toys, has to decide
>whether they want to distribute their product through a wholesale
>distributor, go directly to department store, or reopen their own store.
>The table below shows the revenue results for each decision.
>Distribution Network Good Economic Conditions Not-So-Good Economic
>Wholesaler $75.0 Million
> $60 Million
>Direct $82.5 Million
>$12.5 Million
>Own Store $177.5 Million
> $-112.5 Million
>a. What is the probability value of Good Economic Conditions that will make
>distributing through a Wholesaler or Direct equal? What is the probability
>value to equate Wholesaler and Own Store?
>b. Create a sensitivity graph comparing the different alternatives as the
>probability of Good Economic Conditions changes.

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