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    Excel Problem


    by nhoek ·

    I have a user that is constantly haveing problems with Office 2000 excel locking up. When closeing excel it locks up. It only happens with Excel. The weird thing is that the changes made to the spread sheed are saved. Another odd thing is this is the second PC for this user this is happening on. So I don’t think its the PC. The PC is running Win98 SE. Could it be the actual excel files that are corrupt? (But more then one currupt?).

    There is no errors that are created excel just locks up. We are also using Connx 8.9. I was wondering if it could be the Connx drivers. Checked their website and couldn’t find anything.

    any ideas

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      by misscrf ·

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      I am not sure if this will help, but try running detect and repair under help. It may ask for the cds. Also, check if there are any macros, and try changing the security to high so that macros are disabled. See if either of those help.

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      by nhoek ·

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