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By evojnovich ·
I have multiple machines running windows 2k/office 2k. On one specific machine, the user cannot access a shared spreadsheet, gets the error "Excel.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. An error log is being created." When I log in as administrator, or any other user, I can access the spreadsheet fine, just not as this particular user. I have searched for hours and have not found anything that helps. Tried removing/reinstalling office to no avail.

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by DKlippert In reply to Excel Problem/user specif ...

Look for and delete/rename Excel .xlb.
Also Personal.xls.
Start Excel with:
excel.exe /safe
And then look at Tools>add-ins

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by evojnovich In reply to

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by evojnovich In reply to Excel Problem/user specif ...

Tried all those, none worked.

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by mikex In reply to Excel Problem/user specif ...

Run office setup and Remove/reinstall Excel, if this is not working reinstall the whole office

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by haileyan In reply to Excel Problem/user specif ...

Dlete anything in the following folder in the user's profile:

C:\Documents and Settings\UserID\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel

Any necesary files will be recreated when Excel start up for the first time.

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by haileyan In reply to

Delete the XLStart folder as well!

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by AllenTech In reply to Excel Problem/user specif ...

maybe that specific user has installed a fax machine driver or printer driver that conflicts with the of excel... i have the same problem with word, tried uninstalling the office, did not work, but when i uninstalled a printer i recently installed, word work again.

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by yawbe In reply to Excel Problem/user specif ...

The user does not have enough permissions to run office. There is nothing wrong with the spread sheet. It is a file access permission issue. Give the user enough access to run office. This situation is common with windows 2000. Just give the user, at least, standard user access permission and you will be fine. If permission on the machiune is not an issue, make the user a local administrator on the machine by right-clicking my computer, left-clicking on manage, click on users and groups, highlight on groups on the left side and double-click on administrator. Then left-click on add and add the user's name to the administrator group. Click on apply and then OK. Log in as the user and open the file.
Note: you will have to do all this as administrator and not as the user. Let me know.

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by paguda In reply to Excel Problem/user specif ...

i have similar problem you have...we are on an nt domain pc on win98, cannot open excel once connected to the domain, but if other user will log on the same pc, no i followed one of the answers which says start "excel.exe /safe'
first it displayed that afe.xls cannot be found, so i created an excel file and save it as when i open the excel program it doesnt display the error message anymore....i tried opening excel by directly double clicking the file and problem gone....i hope this will help you....

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by pramagost In reply to Excel Problem/user specif ...

Answer #7 (Excel.exe /SAFE)is what fixed this problem for me.

Thanks haileyan!!!!

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