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    Excel Question


    by johnshenyang ·

    Hi —
    If I want to sum a row of numbers ONLY IF there are NO blank cells in the row (and if there are any blank cells then the cell where the sum would appear would instead return a message like “BLANK CELL FOUND”, then how do I do this? Please be explicit, I am a beginner :). (The range I want to sum/check for blanks is B2:E2.

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      by mj_consult ·

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      You’ve probably solved this one or found a work around by now. But just in case you still need an answer, here is one.
      In your answer cell try this If function:
      =IF(ISBLANK(range),”Blank Cell Found”,SUM(range))
      Range may be either B2:E2 or you may name the range and insert the name here.

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