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By cronk005 ·
I am hoping to come up with a formula, which I have been trying to figure out for some time now.

I have Column A which contains a list of thyroid values. I want to come up with a way of having 3 cells in Column B SUM the patients from Column A based on IF criteria.

A3:A350 - thyroid values
C4 - # of patients hypothyroid (with thyroid values <1.9)
C5 - # of patients euthyroid (with thyroid values >1.9 <4.0 )
C6 - # of patients hyperthyroid (with thyroid values >4.0)

I am hoping someone out there might be able to help me create a formula for this situation.

Kind Regards and Thanks in Advanced,


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"scratchpad" hidden columns

by Churdoo In reply to Excel Question

One method is, create 3 columns off to the side, with IF statements to distribute the A cells into their corresponding categories. Syntax below may not be exact, so bear with me.

For example,
AB3:(IF($A3>=1.9 AND $A3<4,$A3));
Fill these cells from rows 3 to 350.

This will create 3 columns in AA3:AA350 through AC3:AC350, distributing the thyroid values into the 3 respective ranges, then your counts can be:

There may be a direct way to do it, but creating the out-of-view scratchpad area is a method of breaking the problem down to manageable steps.

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