Excel Question - Sum by date when date is not constant

By vlevin13 ·
Can anyone please help or knows Excel function for the following. I have 24 periods, now I would like to sum them up just by changing date in one field, so for example if right now is August I would like to sum up only numbers from January through August, next month, when I enter September, I want formula to pick up September amount as well, I tried writting nested if statements but it has limitations, and I also don't want to go into SUM formula and change every month to reflect it.
If anyone know the solution I would really appreciate it.

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Sum by Date

by stapleb In reply to Excel Question - Sum by d ...

No one wants to try to answer this one do they! I have found if you leave a blank row or column between the data and the sum you have "room to play". All you need to do is insert another row or column to keep the blank available. When you do this, the SUM range changes to include the new row or column and when you add data it is included in the result. Hope that helps in some way.

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Zombie Alert

by PurpleSkys In reply to Sum by Date

well considering that the original post is over two years old, as is the other Excel post you responded to; one would think they either received the answer they were looking for or at least figured it out by now

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