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    Excel Saving Temp Files


    by dougie99 ·

    I’ve got a problem with Excel 2000 saving temp files. Some of my users are reporting that Excel spreadsheets will only allow them to save to a temp file. This is pretty random as it’s not all users and not all Excel files. Also most users are fine with a specific file but one or two others aren’t. I’ve rebooted the server and it’s ok for a while then comes back.
    My file server is w2k box with McAfee VSE 8. Some of my users have Office 2003 but the majority have Office 2000, could this cause a conflict with the files? Could McAfee do this? Can anyone give me some pointers?

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      by dougie99 ·

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      Try this…..

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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      Turn off/disable your anti-virus then delete the temp files. Now try and save the doc again to see if it comes back as a temp file. If ok re-enable the anti-virus.
      Hope all goes well.

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        Didn’t work

        by dougie99 ·

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        Disabled anti-virus, made changes to the Excel doc and all is fine. Re-enabled anti-virus and it creates temp files again.

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          Download AVG free here..

          by peconet tietokoneet ·

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          And give that a test.

          You will need the Mcafee removal tool as well so here it is:

          You will have to copy and paste these links into your browser.
          Once you have deleted Mcafee off your computer run the AVG free version and try again with the Excel file issue.
          It should now work ok.

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          No can do

          by dougie99 ·

          In reply to Download AVG free here..

          Thanks for the advice once again but unfortunately McAfee can’t be uninstalled as it’s mandated by corporate policy.
          There must be something within McAfee, a ticked box somewhere that is causing this to happen. Still looking at it and the EPO.


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      Set an excemption for Scanning

      by rickrbyrne ·

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      Have you tried setting an excemption on Macfee not to real time scan the location the user is trying to save the file??

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