Excel/ Send Error Report

By Justdream ·
Friends, I depend on Excel on my work....but suddenly each time I open MS Excel 2007, I receive the message of Send error report, whatever I choose Send or Don?t appears again

Today, I uninstalled it completely and installed but the same issue

Can you have any other suggestions?????

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More info?

by Juanita Marquez In reply to Excel/ Send Error Report

Will it show you the error? If it gives you a "more" or area to show what it wants to send to MS, that can be helpful pasted here.

Try going to the Windows "orb" -> Resources -> Run MS Office Diagnostics -> click Diagnose. (One of the modules in there is what used to be Detect and Repair). There is a good chance it will fix whatever issue it is, perhaps something in the registry that needs to be updated or overwritten. Good luck.

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by Justdream In reply to More info?

Thanks for your reply, could I know what do you mean by windows 'orb' ?

Thanks a lot

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The mystical "orb"

by Juanita Marquez In reply to ORB

It's what the big orange thing with the Windows flag in it in the upper left corner of the program is. We didn't know the official name for it at work initially, so we started calling it that. It looks like just a symbol but it is the key to many commands in Office 2007.

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by Justdream In reply to The mystical "orb"

Thanks my friend, it didn't help
Do you know a way to stop or cancel these send error reports..

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Please specify the error

by Juanita Marquez In reply to Stop

As I do not know what error report you are receiving, I can't tell you. It may be Excel itself, Windows, or the file you are working on.

Please tell me what the error message says exactly and I can try to tell you how to disable or fix it.

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by Justdream In reply to Please specify the error

I think it doesn't related to the file as when I open Excel from program files then create new (Ctrl+N) I receive this error message:
Error Signature
AppName: excel.exe
AppVer: 12.0.4518.1014
AppStamp: 45428263
ModName: msvcrt.dll
ModVer: 7.0.2600.5512
ModStamp: 4802a188
fDebug: 0
Offset: 00037efb
I hope these info be helful
Thanks a lot for your help

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No way

by Justdream In reply to Error

also I have cancelled sending error report from registery but no way

I still have it each time I open Excel.......please guys advice me Excel is the main program in all my work

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Replace or repair the msvcrt.dll

by Juanita Marquez In reply to Error

Try to replace or repair the msvcrt.dll file. Search your machine in C:WINDOWS\System32\Dllcache might have a good copy of msvcrt.dll to copy and paste into your C:\Windows\System32 folder over the bad one there.

You will need to save the new file into the place the old file lives and register the .dll if it does not work immediately after pasting it. Here is how to register a .dll:

I don't know what version of Windows or other programs you are running, one of these may help.

In the future when posting technical questions, please list your Windows operating system, the program that is having the problem, as well as the full error message if possible in order for us to troubleshoot faster. More details are helpful. Good luck.

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