Excel Spreadsheet Formula HELP!

By alphaeba2233 ·
This will probaby seem like a very elementary question but I want to create a formula that will take each value i put into a cell and mulitply it by 1.175 i.e.

answer = cell X 1.175

obviously i don't know excel but it seems like the formulas you put in have to be multiplying one cell by another to get the product.

hope this makes sense! pls use simple words when replying lol.

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Pretty basic one here...

by dpalsen In reply to Excel Spreadsheet Formula ...

I'm presuming you're wanting to put the value into a separate cell. Therefore, just put the formula "=<Cell Row, Column>*1.175" into the new cell.

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A correction to that

by DelbertPGH In reply to Pretty basic one here...

If your value is in cell A2, then in the cell you want the product to appear, you would have the formula
If you had 1.175 stored in cell B1, you could have

The leading equal-sign makes everything else interpreted as a formula. You can use + - / * and parentheses in conventional algebraic ways. You can also use Excel's many functions in your formula for more complicated numeric (or textual) manipulations.

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