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By AustenK ·
How can I create a basic form with a box that I can just keep hitting 1 on my number pad and it automatically adds up? Cannot remember how to work with Access (I'm old!) and nearly went dilly trying to do it on Excel ...

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I'm not sure if this is what you want to do or not...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Excel spreadsheet or Acce ...

I don't think you want to do it in would drive you crazy trying to figure it out & would require using VBA I suspect.

In Excel, I did it real quick and dirty like the following describes, but you could clean it up and make it "pretty" quite easily....this method would be good for 65,000 entries or whatever the number of rows available in a spreadsheet is.....

-> Select a cell where you want the total displayed (I chose C1)
-> Click the AutoSum button
-> chose a column where want to enter the numbers (in your case 1's) to be entered (I chose column A)
-> Click right on the column heading letter (in my case A) and the resulting formula in C1 is =SUM(A:A)
-> I froze the top row to prevent the total from scrolling off the page
-> Go to A1 and type 1 & automatically moves to A2...1 & enter again....etc.

Is that what you're looking to do?

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by AustenK In reply to I'm not sure if this is w ...

Hi Darryl! Yes - that would do it! Thanks a million :-D

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