Excel Spreadsheet View Issue XP and 2003 versions.

By i.stedman ·
On a series of spreadsheets I can see from A1 to N29 on 100% view (XP), however one of my users can see from A1 to EE29 (so it is very condensed), also on 100% view (2003). The print preview is also mis-aligned.

This is only an issue on about 20 spreadsheets, of similar layout, others are fine.

If the user views the problem series on other machines then they are fine.

There is nothing obvious in preferences, and the other workbooks are ok.

Kind regards

Iain Stedman

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Does this user have an extra wide monitor?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Excel Spreadsheet View Is ...

If so, they'll see more things than you will. Also, screen resolution settings might be set to a different ratio aspect than what you're viewing them with.

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Difference is 95 columns

by i.stedman In reply to Does this user have an ex ...


Thanks for that.

My screen is 15? at 1280 x 960; the user has a 17? at 1290 x 1024.

I appreciate that you would see more on a larger screen, but not to the point that the screen can not be worked with.

The user with the issue is seeing 109 columns, whereas I see 14. I would not expect that much difference to the working screen.

Kind regards

Iain Stedman

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What happens if you change out the monitor?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Difference is 95 columns

This is either a screen problem or a computer problem, so let's narrow down the possibilities.

Try taking the monitor from one machine which does not experience the problem and switch it out with the monitor on the machine that does experience the problem. Then view one of the problem spreadsheets on both.

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Swapped monitor twice, and no help, and no other issues reported by user

by i.stedman In reply to What happens if you chang ...


I?ve changed the monitor twice, once to an identical 17? monitor, and once to another 17? model.

Each time the spreadsheet view is compressed.

The spreadsheets in question were working fine up until 30 June, when the used went on holiday, an on their return on 08 July the view was causing problems.

No other issues with this user account or system.

Kind regards

Iain Stedman

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