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    Excel Spreedsheet


    by blichtig ·

    I need a macro or something for a website that has a excel spreadsheet. My client has a excel spreadsheet out on a website. They have invoice # on the excel spreadsheet and want to be able to scan the invoice and have it linked to the invoice on the website so clients can see the scanned document. Any help would be appreciated.

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      by blichtig ·

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      I believe you will run into privacy issues…….

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      Giving everyone who has access to the spreadsheet the ability to view someone else’s invoice would get you into trouble over privacy issues.

      But, if your client persists in their request to destroy their own clients privacy, all they have to do is scan the document to PDF (common format so everyone can read it), upload the documents to a specified location on the server, then create a hyperlink within the spreadsheet that points to where that invoice is stored and upload that changed spreadsheet.

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        by blichtig ·

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        They have a tab at the bottom of a excel spread sheet that is linked to a .xml file on a web server/site and the link is broken some how. Can there be a executable or a batch file that is ran inside the excel spreadsheet that will link it to the web server? I am sorry I am not the greatest when it comes to excel. Can I maybe just post the excel spreadsheet to in house secure web server somehow. any help would be great.

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