Excel Text to columns changing 24 clock time to 12 hr clock.

By malibooboo ·
I am trying to do a text to column split of a column containg time in a 24 hour clock format (ex 13:15) but Excel keeps changing the 13:15 for exampke to 1:15. In otherwords, it changes everything to a 12 hour clock. I hasve tried forecing leading zeros, placing " '00:00 " in the custom formatting etc. Help! I need numbers to stay in teh 24 hour format.

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Plot your data around the clock [Excel charting idea]

More here, plus download:

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Keep 24 hr clock time

by tgullo In reply to Excel Text to columns cha ...

The fact that excel keeps changing it to 12 hr time means that the conversion is working and therefore you can simply use a custom format of h:mm in the custom format area.

But you could use the standard time format option of 24 hr clock in TIME format area. This however will default to hrs, mins & secs in 24 hr mode.

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Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Keep 24 hr clock time

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