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Excel thinks no printers are installed

By xzile4 ·
I have a NT 4.0 workstation that has a local printer attached to it. Everytime I try to print any Excel document it says no printers are installed. I deleted every printer, re-installed the printer and successfully printed a test page, but as soon as I go into Excel it says no printers are installed. This also happens if I logon with the same userID on another machine. Please help.

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by Toucan In reply to Excel thinks no printers ...

I recall that I used to lose printers in NT occasionally with the same type of symptoms. First, what version are you using, NT4.0 SP6a? I recall some printer issues being solved in SP6a. Second what version printer driver, i.e., is it Microsoft or the vendor printer diver because I know for certain that the HP drivers were more reliable that the Microsoft integrated versions.

That being said, when you have discoverd the printer is gone, save your work and restart the PC. Are the printers available after restart? Can you then open Excel and print? If yes, NT may be starved for resources and is stopping the printer service (since it is low priority and not being used at the moment) to free resources. Look at memory untilization and make sure the pagefile is setup to have enough space allocate to swap.

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Re: Thoughts

by xzile4 In reply to Thoughts

NT is updated & I am using the vendor drivers - Lexmark. I still receive the same message if I restart and I can print from Notepad. I can also print the same Excel document if logged in as Administrator or antoher user. Memory utilization and page file are normal.

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